WATCH: A Visibly Rattled Merrick Garland Forced to Go on Defense For the First Time as House Republicans Vote to Hold Him in Contempt

US Attorney General Merrick Garland on Thursday told reporters that the Justice Department does not need to comply with a congressional subpoena because the DOJ is “a fundamental institution of our democracy.”

A visibly rattled Garland made the statements during a press conference to reporters after Joe Biden asserted executive privilege over the audio of his interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur.

Merrick Garland was forced to go on defense for the first time as two GOP-led House Committees vote to hold him in contempt of Congress.

The House Judiciary Committee on Thursday voted to hold Garland in contempt and the House Oversight Committee will hold a contempt vote later this evening.

Garland told reporters that the congressional subpoena was ‘not legitimate’ and would harm the DOJ’s ability to successfully pursue sensitive investigations.

Merrick Garland was also visibly irritated that Republicans were trying to defund Jack Smith’s investigations into Trump.


Former Gorsuch clerk Mike Davis joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Thursday after Merrick Garland held a presser.

Davis said Garland was rattled after Republicans went on offense for the first time.

“Listen to Attorney General Garland’s statement. We are in his head. He’s rattled. He’s talking about defunding, how we’re trying to defund these investigations before the election, how we’re issuing subpoenas. They are now on defense in the Biden Justice Department and they’re on defense for the first time,” said Mike Davis.


House Oversight Chairman James Comer last month released a statement after the DOJ rebuffed his committee’s request for the audio recordings.

“The Biden Administration does not get to determine what Congress needs and does not need for its oversight of the executive branch,” Comer said. “The American people deserve to hear the actual audio of President Biden’s answers to Special Counsel Hur.”

Comer said it is “curious” that the Biden Regime is refusing to release audio of Biden’s interview with Hur after releasing the transcript.

What we do know is that Joe Biden lied about Robert Hur raising the issue about his dead son Beau.

The Justice Department previously defended not bringing charges against Biden because he’s a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

According to the transcript, Joe Biden forgot when he was Vice President and couldn’t remember when his son Beau died.

Robert Hur

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