Fairfax County, Virginia Schools Now Mandating How Transgender Students Must Be Referred To

Fairfax County, Virginia’s Public Schools are at it again.  This time they are mandating the language the students can use when referring to transsexuals at the schools. 

We reported on the mess Fairfax Public Schools was in in 2021.  The county was busy pushing pornographic reading materials to children in the county.  Biden’s AG Merrick Garland jumped in to assist the schools.  Then we found out Garland’s son-in-law was making millions on the garbage material being pushed on the children in Virginia.

AG Garland’s Family Is Likely Making Millions on its CRT Platform Being Pushed in US Schools – His Speaking Out About It is a Conflict of Interest Using the DOJ to Protect These Interests

Then Fairfax County schools jumped into liberal lunacy some more and decided to continue the insane and counterproductive mask mandates the new governor attempted to get rid of.

Now a Total of 16 Virginia School Divisions Vow to Keep Insane Mask Mandates in Place for Children Creating Showdown with New Governor Youngkin

Now Fairfax County is pushing policies that mandate how trans students can be referred to.  A local TV station reported on this late this week.

In its annual review of the Student Rights and Responsibilities policies Fairfax County Public Schools updated its stance on the use of a person’s preferred pronouns and what’s known as deadnaming – using a transgender person’s previous name that they no longer use.

Before Thursday night’s school board meeting two groups showed up to both denounce and support these policies.

The approved changes to its policy which removed the phrase “intentionally or not” from the definition of deadnaming and removed the phrase “deliberately or accidentally” from the definition of misgendering.

Some parents opposed to the policy entirely said the board first introduced it during the pandemic when parents couldn’t easily protest the change. Some told WUSA9 they may boycott the required parent signatures on the Student Rights and Responsibilities update.

“We’re not against the LGBTQ+ community,” said Stephanie Lundquist-Arora a mother of Fairfax County students. “We’re against compelled speech. We think that changes to the SR&R, the Student Rights and Responsibilities document, is actually a violation of children’s and families First Amendment rights. It has nothing to do with my feelings towards the LGBTQ+ community,” she said.

Here is a news report on the Fairfax public schools’ latest.

These school boards are very important and where the progressives want to attack.  Remember everything they do is to destroy the family.

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