New Mexico Supreme Court Sides with Corrupt Sec. of State – Mandates County Certify Illegitimate Primary Results

New Mexico’s Supreme Court has sided with the corrupt Secretary of State and is mandating that Otero County certify illegitimate results in the recent New Mexico primary.  

TGP has reported on the corrupt actions in New Mexico’s elections in recent posts.  Recently, Otero County voted to get rid of the Dominion Voting system used in the county.  (Commissioner Couy Griffin in pic above.)

BREAKING HUGE: Otero County New Mexico Votes to Remove Dominion Voting Systems, Zuckerberg Drop Boxes, and Other Election Machines!

This past week, the Otero County Commission voted to withhold certification of the recent primary results due to the Dominion machines not being in compliance with state law.

BREAKING: HUGE News In Otero County, New Mexico – County Commission Withholds Certification of Primary Election Results

In response, the corrupt New Mexico Sec. of State petitioned the state’s Supreme Court to for the county to certify.  This was explained by attorney David Clement.

Last night, New Mexico’s Supreme Court has ordered a GOP-led commission to recognize the primary results in the southern Otero County after it refused to do so over baseless voting machine concerns.

According to court documents obtained by local news outlet KOB4, the state’s top court ordered the county’s commission on Wednesday to approve the results of the 2022 primary election no later than Friday.

The three-person commission in the county last week declined to certify the results of a June 7 primary election, citing bogus issues it had with Dominion vote-tabulating machines used — though it was unable to point to any specific issue.

New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver, a Democrat, sued the commission on Tuesday and asked the Supreme Court to intervene, citing “illegal actions to disenfranchise” the state’s voters.

“New Mexico’s 2022 Primary Election was conducted with the highest standards of election administration by dedicated county clerks and civil servants across our state,” Toulouse Oliver said in a statement.

She added: “The post-election canvassing process is a key component of how we maintain our high levels of election integrity in New Mexico and the Otero County Commission is flaunting that process by appeasing unfounded conspiracy theories and potentially nullifying the votes of every Otero County voter who participated in the Primary.”

Toulouse Oliver told CNN on Thursday that she’s not sure if the commission will end up certifying the results and said, “we’re in completely uncharted territory here.”

One commission member, Vickie Marquardt, told the Associated Press on Monday that when “I certify stuff that I don’t know is right, I feel like I’m being dishonest because in my heart I don’t know if it is right.”

What is needed now is the county attorneys must petition the Supreme Court in the same manner and complain about how they cannot certify election results when the election are being held that are not in compliance with state law.

It’s time for New Mexico Counties to act now!

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